Suddenly you found that the antivirus is installed on that computer on which you no more access internet whereas you don’t have any protection of the device on which you are actually accessing internet. In such a situation you have to first uninstall McAfee from the first device and then you have to install it on the another device. Here we have discussed various steps involved in the process of uninstallation in detail. If you have any doubt in any of the step, then you can call in our McAfee customer support number and avail our services.

Uninstall McAfee

There are mainly two methods by which you can uninstall McAfee. First of all, let’s discuss one method of the two. This steps are applicable if you are uninstalling on the windows. The steps are as follows:

  • You have to make sure that you close McAfee virus protection software in case it is running. For closing it you have to right click the McAfee icon in the bottom right side of the screen and then click on exit. You will have to click on the upward facing arrow if you want to find out which software is in running position. Suppose you have doubt in this step then it is advisable that you take help of McAfee customer service
  • In the next step you have to click on the windows logo which is present in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can contact in McAfee support number if you want to avail support service from our team for understanding the steps.
  • Further you have to type add or remove programs in the start. After that you will find a list of programs. In the top you will find the add-remove programs system feature. Once you have got it then you can proceed with other steps.
  • Then you have to click add or remove programs then there you will find the uninstall icon on which you have to double click and if you have get prompted then you have to click yes. In case you have any problem you have to take help McAfee customer help.
  • As soon as you click on the uninstall icon you will receive on screen instructions that you have to follow to uninstall McAfee. In case you are unable to understand any of the step then always remember that our team is always beside you to help to you.

These steps will definitely help you to uninstall the antivirus. Once it is uninstalled you have to follow the steps of McAfee installation for reinstalling in some other device. For providing your mobile device protection from malwares you have to install the McAfee mobile security on the device. This will not only provide you security but also ensures smooth functioning. But before planning to reinstall the antivirus from one device to another you have to ensure that you first of all uninstall McAfee antivirus from that device on which it is already and then only you will able to re-install it.